Ford Barra Turbo

Ford 4.0L Barra Turbo

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Ford Engine 4.0L Straight Six Turbo Charged Built at Ford Australia.

Info From Wikipedia:

Turbocharged Petrol Barra 240T

This engine is found in the BA Falcon XR6 Turbo, and was produced between late 2002 and mid 2005. It is similar to the naturally aspirated Barra 182, except it has different pistons to lower the compression ratio, a single Garrett GT35/40r turbocharger, higher base fuel pressure, Inconel exhaust valves, red rocker cover, and an intercooler.[5]

Power: 240 kW (322 hp) @ 5250 rpm
Torque: 450 N⋅m (332 lb⋅ft) @ 2000-4500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 8.7:1